Nuggets of knowledge about selling and winning new business.

#5 –

Qualify, Qualify, Qualify: Qualify the client. Qualify the business opportunity. Qualify the fit for a healthy business relationship.

#10 –

In order for anyone to well-represent your company and your product or service, they absolutely must believe in what the company is providing. If they are not ‘buying it’, they will not do a great job of ‘selling it’. This includes you.

#18 –

Fear of the phone during sales calls or cold calls comes from a lack in confidence in what you need to say. This can be overcome with training, practice, and repetition.

#19 –

Not everyone is going to do business with you. Hearing ‘no’ is okay. When the prospective client or customer is not willing to listen to you, move on to another opportunity.

#21 –

Always set and pursue big goals with high standards. They require more work on the front end, yet they will make your life easier and more fruitful in the long run.

#34 –

When you are ready to call it a day, make one more phone call to a client or prospective customer.